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Art of wine making

The art of wine making is a tradition, combining family heritage, passion and creativity with knowledge and innovation. The unique quality attributes of our wine begin with the particular vineyard soil conditions, ideal microclimate conditions for wine grape cultivation, a water discipline, and the use of advanced agrotechnologies. The Vinters dedicate themselves to maintaining the solemnity of the vines; meticulous methods, applied at the winery, and an intimate approach, giving personal attention to each barrel and to every bottle, allow us to create a great wine.

Bottle labelings

Family heritage as an allegory for an excellent wine: Bottle labelings are designed to reflect the winery’s unique heritage, decorated with artistic renderings representing the authentic and traditional jewelry and ornaments handed down in the family over the generations. Each label is also designed with a rendering of an etched portrait of Alexander Shalom after whom the winery is named.

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